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Barchan - Soliton (cd)


BARCHAN - a crescent shaped migratory sand dunes found in the desert, some of which are known to generate low frequency drones.

SOLITON - a unique wave that does not loose any of it’s energy as it travels over vast distances.

BARCHAN is James Welburn (Miasmah, Tony Buck, Transmit and more) on drones and Tomas Järmyr (of Zu, Yodok, The Void of Expansion and more) on drums. Both musicians share a fascination with testing musical boundaries.

Together, they create a uniquely thick tapestry of sound engendered by both organic and chaotic drums in unison with ambient landscapes of noisy bass-drones, spiraling between searing intensity and delirious waves of calm. This is percussion-driven industrial drone music that is generated entirely in live performance. Shards of electric bass noise enhanced by real time software processing provide a harsh electronic element, which combined with the hypnotic free drumming, is reminiscent of intense guitar music.

BARCHAN have quickly created their own distinctive sonic signature and early gigs have seen audiences taken off guard by the mysterious, engulfing sound.

Two days of improvised recordings in May 2014 led to the 57 minute mammoth track that is Soliton. It perfectly captures the pecial chemistry and subversive sound of the band, with musicians’ individual styles contrasting to combine into a bigger picture.

Recorded and mixed in the main studio of the Norwegian University of Technology by Amund Ulvestad in Trondheim, it included using many vintage microphones that brought out both the depth and nuances within the duo’s soundscape. All of this has been harnessed brilliantly by Karl Daniel Lidén’s mastering work in Stockholm, Sweden.

BARCHAN will continue to explore the outer reaches of heavy drum rhythms and mysterious distorted electric bass layers both live and on record, creating challenging music that seeks to alter time and perception.