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Bruital Orgasme - Experiment In Functional Background Music (LP)

Image of Bruital Orgasme - Experiment In Functional Background Music (LP)


The first full album on vinyl for Belgium's favourite experimental/noise couple Fil & Nat Cavaleri.

Using frequencies & sounds recorded during their many concerts and tours, home made sounds generators, modified devices, lost and found sounds from many sources (as old vinyls, turntables without records, radios, tapes…), they manage to create an atmosphere that was described by the pressing plant's manager as 'very Hitchcock'... which can obviously only be taken a compliment.

From pure electro-acoustic sounds over field recordings and sampled old records to blistering noise, this album is far from 'functional background music' but an interesting whirlwind of sound and an engaging listen.

First edition of 200 copies (incl download), silkscreened cover in a heavy silkscreened pvc sleeve

Reviewed by Vital Weekly: