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Dead Body Collection - Lessons From A Dissecting Table (tape)


Everyone should experience harsh noise walls (HNW) in their life. The thought of listening to a relentless, slowly evolving, extremely loud and distressing combination of noises might be off-putting at first. As the tracks progress however, you get used and somewhat comfortable with the sounds. They overpower anything around you and slowly takes over all your senses until there is nothing else left but this rock hard wall of harsh noise. That's when the meditative state comes in. And then it stops, suddenly and unexpectedly, and the only thing you experience is an uncomfortable silence. Left with two choices; get back to reality (doing the dishes usually helps) or to switch to the B-side of the tape and start all over.

Dead Body Collection brings you just that; harsh noise walls. This brainchild of Aleksander Nenad crawled to the surface in 2010 and has released no less than a whopping 107 (counting split releases) albums, tapes and singles in these last four years. In this flood of noise, Dead Body Collection has been able to maintain a constant high quality and is now regarded as one of the more interesting projects in HNW.

Featured here are three tracks, recorded between 2010 and 2012, two of which were supposed to be part of two compilations that in the end never were finished. The third and longest track was supposedly released on cdr in 2010 but copies of it never surfaced.

Limited to 69 copies.