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Praying For Oblivion and Flutwacht - New Subculture / Live (tape)


Praying For Oblivion and Flutwacht should be no strangers to anyone interested in contemporary power electronics and harsh noise. Since 2006, Andrew Seal (Praying For Oblivion) and Daniel Simon (Flutwacht) started collaborating on a semi-regular basis. This ongoing partnership evolved into their latest project 'We Are Nothing' in September 2012. From this inital one-off & studio-only project came 'NEW SUBCULTURE', released as a limited cdr by Placenta Recordings. Completely sold out, all four tracks have been reissued now on side A of this tape.

Contrary to their idea to keep this a studio-only project, the duo performed together at JH Wommel, Antwerp (B), on September 27th 2013, alongside CONTROL, MANIFESTO and ALL SHADOWS AND DELIVERANCE. This 37 minute performance - a blistering orgy of filthy electronics, distorted voices and harsh scraping sounds - was very well received by all present and is hereby presented on the B-side.

With this release, Praying For Oblivion and Flutwacht the showcase a sonic strength and violent power that exceeeds anything they have done before, proving that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, blending the strengths and differences of both minds into some strange new industrial-noise hybrid.

Limited to 69 copies.