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Con-Dom - We Who Were Living Are Now Dying (dvd)


Mike Dando/CON-DOM has operated in the multimedia domains incorporating sound, film and performance since his early years. He confronts the audience in extreme ways, touching on taboo subjects suppressed or reduced to primitive stereotypes by the mass media of today. With a devastating barrage of noise he traces the unconscious religious subtext of modern mass society, crossfades religious and political (border) phenomena and relates them with violent and pathological aspects. In the six super 8 short films, created in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013, daily routine scenes are juxtaposed with grainy photos of criminals, dictators and clerics and book pages bearing crude, racist interpretations of Scripture, filmed line by line.

A co-release with The Epicurean (D) & Peripheral Records (UK) 

Video editing: Industrial Recollections

Graphic Design: The Epicurean 

Playtime: 55 minutes

Limited edition: 222 copies

Packaging: DVD digi pack, High quality 400 chromolux paper, includes woven patch with Con-Dom logo

1 Impressions of a System 6:12

2 The Coming of Christ 13:35

3 Our Pleasure in the Pain/Vilification 8:42

4 All In Good Faith 1 14:18

5 All In Good Faith 2 (Get Right With God) 6:52

6 Hunger for Death 5:57