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S.Q.E. - 5+4 (cd)

Image of S.Q.E. - 5+4 (cd)


SQE. is the moniker of J GRECO, living and working in New York, USA. Active in the electro-acoustic/experimental scene since the mid-1990s, he founded Smooth Quality Excrement together and collaborated with such artists as Ure Thrall, Paul Lacosta and Michael Hensley (Blood Box, Yen Pox), before concentrating on his solo material as SQE.

As SQE, J. Greco with collaborated the likes of Amber Asylum, Tony Wakeford and Alan Trench & Tracy Jeffery (Orchis/Temple Music). This resulted in releases on Old Europa Cafe, Drone Records and Anticlock Records.
With ‘5+4’, J Greco takes his work to a completely different level, perhaps more accessible sounding but still with its necessary hooks and experimental sounds.

Stylistically, it might surprise some (quite a few) people, with its contemporary electronic sounds and dub influences. Armed with effects, acoustic instruments and the lovely voice of Tracy Jeffery, SQE has made the soundtrack to some hazy, warm summer nights, combining this warmness with a slightly fuzzy mood and an at times
cold 80s feel.

Silken Tofu goes dub. Yes, dub.

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