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TraumaSutra (tape + download)

Image of TraumaSutra (tape + download)


Limited to 50 copies
Includes download code to Bandcamp

With TraumaSutra, Peter De Koning takes you from one atmosphere to the other; sometimes very quiet and minimal, other times noisy and and extreme. However, It’s always a reflection of this own chaotic mind. In his music, using broken cymbals, iron plates, bricks, elements of nature, toys, plastic bags, construction site materials. The list is endless, as are the possibilities. The use of synthesizers and ‘normal’ instruments is kept to a minimum.

Being a very broadminded individual, he’s also active in a number of other projects. First and foremost is his band Intens, with which he has played on all kinds of stages in Belgium, going from underground rock clubs to open door school events. Since 2008, he is also an active member of Belgian cult act Hybryds, working in the ritual/mythical/industrial and magical music scene. This band is known for its mind expanding sound and have been one on the forefront of the Belgian industriai/experimental scene since the 1980s.

This first chapter of the TraumaSutra was conceived and performed entirely by Peter De Koning. The second track is a remix by Crank Sturgeon.

Originally released on CDr in 2009.

Coming Soon