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Shift - Bulk (cd)


SHIFT with the usual dynamics removed. or as one Unrest employee described it: "like planets burning down or the day ten million tons of filthy black shit rained down on the heads of a beaten species".

"This is the material that is suitable to feel with gut wrecking volume in live situation. cranium crushing!”
Pasi Markkula (Bizarre Uproar)

“Slowest shifting sounds of fuzzy static rattle, monotonic synth droning and pulsing, with massive tracks of very little happening. It’s as monumental as the cover design, featuring a monstrous concrete center. grey and still. designed to certain rough elegance, but not pretty … When you sit down to investigate the layers of sound and subtle details of crackling fuzz distortion, you start to notice all kinds of hidden patterns behind the ‘wall’, and subtance becomes more audible than in something that’s mere pedal distortion with no additional information to consume.”
Mikko Aspa (Grunt / Freak Animal)

A co-release between Unrest Productions and Silken Tofu in an edition of 350.

- Dark Entries (Dutch)
- Plague Haus (English)
- (English)

Please be aware that this item will be shipped without jewel case.